Sunday, June 29, 2008

Leaving Home

Driving out the driveway this morning was a bit surreal knowing I may never see this house again. The house I’ve spent 15 years remodeling, well, more like a couple years of remodeling spread out over 15 years.

Dedos yowled for about half an hour and slithered from place to place within the car finally settling between my feet on the floorboards voicing the occasional “ow”. Throughout the day, she alternately settled in 5 different places depending on temperature and comfort I suppose.

Having traveled this route many, many times when I worked for the charter bus company, I was surprised to find a new freeway bypasses Mojave and Barstow altogether. It’s difficult to pee when you don’t go through a town. It was hot and as I drove past “the tallest thermometer in the world”, it registered 110. Thankfully we were comfortable in the car watching the heat gauge barley move climbing the steep grade out of Barstow. By the time I stopped in Vegas for gas ($1.19) it was 114 and the cat never made a move to escape when I opened the door.

We pulled into Mesquite around 3:30, past Las Vegas where I had a reservation at the Best Western. After Dedos examined our room then hid under the bed, I went out for gas ($ 1.29/gal) and to the Virgin River Casino for the $ 4.95 prime rib. Reflecting on why anyone would want to live here, I guessed that some are trapped and can’t escape and others have come here for a job. There were a lot of very fat people eating the cheap food in the casino and some vary skinny people serving said food. I have to believe the young Asian women waitresses came for the job and apparently the overweight people live here. I overheard one couple taking about things they do in town, so I think lots of locals eat at the casinos. As I was slowing to exit the freeway here, I saw several golf carts on the course with people playing in the 112 + heat. I guess I am such a wuss, I can’t even imagine doing that.

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