Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Background of Move

Attached is the last posting of the travel journal. Having arrived in Portland, there are a few of you who know nothing about what's been happening to my life the past few weeks. The rest, please indulge me while I fill in the newcomers.
My job at Kaweah Delta was eliminated, well, eliminated but reinstated with a second job in addition. The district imposed a hiring freeze 3 months ago and lost lots of employees due to attrition. With Medicare and MediCal payer cutbacks, they needed to get rid of more of the workforce and laid off 54 more employees (my job was one). So.... I gave my termination notice of 2 weeks and in that short time, packed up house and storage in a "POD" which is stored in Fresno until I call for it. I've put the house up for rent and thrown the cat in the car and swept cross county to Portland, Maine where I plan to make my new home. I am staying with my good friend Michael until I can get a job.
I am sorry not to have contacted more of you, but as you can imagine, my hands (and head) were full of the details of making my break in a short 2 weeks. I've been contemplating leaving Visalia for some time and it just seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Okay, so here I am spending hours and hours on the internet applying for jobs and now sitting by the phone hoping to get called. In the meantime Michael is showing me around, eating lobster, getting tickets to concerts and enjoying the cooler weather. Everything social and outdoors happens in the 3 months of summer, so one must get cracking and enjoy life before it turns cold.

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