Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tourist in Maine

Before I forget to report, the bird I saw shortly after arriving here was a cardinal. I got a closer look while on a walk yesterday and it was unmistakable, and remarkably beautiful.
I am really enjoying the afternoon lightening storms with real rain! There is plenty of time to walk or bicycle downtown, check out the port for cruise ships, have a snack, and generally goof around before the dark clouds roll over. It humid, but that's ok when temps are in the 70's. When its sunny and 80's, AND humid (which it isn't always), it is sticky. I'll still take this over the heat at (my former) home.
It still feels like I'm on vacation since I am at loose ends and generally acting like a tourist. Michael and I went to West Maine last week for some really good folk music and my dinner was a fantastic lobster and corn "chowdah". Yesterday went to a nearby town for their annual clam festival. I had fried scallops and a "lime ricky". There are tons of artists and craftpeople here. I've never seen so many booths for both. I assume people do these activities during the cold winter months to keep active. I wonder what my winter activity will be once I'm settled and in the swing of things? Went to the mall today to buy a special tool at Sears to fix Michael's cupboard hinges. Could have been any mall across America.... young, better dressed types. Not so many tattooed young men as I see on the streets. I've never seen so many tattoos as here. I'd call them punks in California, but I think it is just the normal kid
No job yet, but not destitute yet either. Hope my house rents soon so I'll have a little income in case this dry stretch lasts longer than the money.

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