Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boy, we got rain last week! Lightening and thunder and buckets from the sky... it was wonderful to see by someone from the desert. Days now are in the 70's with some sun and clouds and a breeze to keep the sailboats tacking out in Casco Bay. How could it be any nicer?
Gas is $3.97 at its cheapest and $4.17 at the most expensive. Luckily I haven't had to drive much, since I have the luxury of time to walk to town when necessary just a mile away. Michael has been very good to me. Yesterday we went to the art museum to see the showing of Georgia O'keefe paintings and photography. What a fine museum with world-class art by masters. One room had nothing but Andrew Wyeth. Michael has given me a ticket to the "Portland Duck Tour", which is an amphibious vehicle that gives a guided historical land tour and then splashes into the bay for a waterfront tour. I'll fit that in soon. Today I walked to town to see "Up the Yangtse" sp? at the "art house" movies. It was the story of the 3 Gorges dam and displacement of 2,000 people from their homes. It followed a young girl's life from a subsistence farm family to working on a tour boat. I found it interesting and would like to take a boat t
Kris, my former next door neighbor reports that the Visalia house has rented, hurrah! She says it is a couple in, perhaps, their 50's with a chihuahua and she (the wife) is some kind of nurse. Sounds good to me.
No job offers yet and it's already been 2 weeks! I apply to someplace new every couple days. Today I've applied for 3 jobs at the University of Southern Maine, but they won't even begin to look at applications until Aug. 6. I hate the waiting, the dependence on Michael, the uncertainty of life, but I am getting to know this town more intimately.

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