Monday, July 7, 2008

On The Road

Well folks, time has passed and I haven't kept up with the journal. Just don't feel like writing after a long days drive. The gas prices in the first installment was, indeed a typo. gas was low $4, not the $1 as reported.
I am actually in Portland now, but reflecting on previous days on the road. Attached is TWD #2.
Dados did wonderfully, even without the tranquilizers and is happy to be in one place. She learned to put front paws up on the back armrest and press the down button on the window. She loved the wind in her face. I had to read the car manual to activate the child lockout on the windows.
BTW, Thanks to Shirley for the US road atlas. It was very valuable and more detailed than the big US map. Also to the group who supplied me with Arco gift cards. Arco only has stations in CA, NV, AZ, WA, OR. I never saw an Arco station the whole trip!! I'll return the cards to Irene as soon as I locate stamps, envelope and maybe a postcard.
Already had lobster today for lunch and am walking downtown to meet Michael at the wine bar for a pre-dinner sip.
All the best to everyone and another "thanks" for all your encouragement and travel gifts.

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