Sunday, August 31, 2008

Employment Success

Got a job! No, not with the IRS. I'll be working at the University of Southern Maine, a state college on the campus in the town of Gorham about 10 miles outside Portland. I'll be doing part time administrative assistant work and part time overseeing student workers in the newly built, state-of-the-art, enviornmentaly green upper class residence hall. It will be refreshing to be working on a college campus. I'll be glad to be out of healthcare which is said to be the most regulated industry outside of nuclear power. Perks include the offer of taking 2 classes per semester with free tuition. I have chosen the work schedule of Tuesday through Saturday, which gives me Sunday & Monday off. It will be nice to be able to take care of errands on a business day. Benefits are generous and start the first day of work. I am pleased.
"When it rains, it pours!" I also have a per-diem job at the Portland Public Health clinic. Just helping with front desk work and with the volunteer database.
Next task is to find an apartment. I'll be looking to settle in a town half way between Gorham and Portland for easy striking distance of work and city. Rents seem to be the same as in Portland, but I believe I'll get more room for the money outside the city.
Soon I'll be settled and inviting folks for a visit. Remember we have spectacular fall color which will be starting soon. Boston is just 2.5 hours away by Amtrak (The Downeaster). I plan to take that trip when the colors are at peak. Our jetport hosts Jet Blue as well as Delta, American, and others. A fun plan might be to fly to Boston and train to Portland. Our international ferry cruises 5 hours from Portland to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Another fun outing is taking the 3 hour "mail boat" that delivers mail and cargo to 5 nearby islands. I want to take that ride in winter which must be spectacular. Lobster is cheap if you cook it yourself and we have more restaurants than Visalia (and only 2 or 3 are chains). More than a few of our chefs are James Beard award recipients. Hiking trails abound as well as many miles of bike paths. Enough said?

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