Sunday, August 17, 2008

Job Hunt

Sorry to hear of your triple digit temps in CA this week.
After 6 weeks in my new town, I finally got an interview with a large health insurance company. It was a 3 hour interview and computer testing and exhausting. It produced an offer of a temporary assignment until the end of the year at a low wage. I declined the offer in order to be considered for full time. At least something is starting to happen in the job search. It just seems things happen slower here.
We have houseguests from California this weekend who are looking for new digs near Boston. One travels a lot for work and needs to be near a major airport, so they are looking there, but they really love Portland. We'll take them out to the 2-lights lighthouse park and stroll along the waterfront, perhaps have a lobster roll at the lobster shack there, then go down to the Old Port for the tourist experience.
The longer I am here, the more I am enjoying being on the water, in a really nice Victorian housed neighborhood, and having the best weather ever. I think I'm really going to enjoy the change, but I need to reserve total judgement until spending a winter here.
Michael is looking at buying a farmhouse away from Portland, so we will go see 2 of them tomorrow, both an hour away.

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