Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Days

Did I tell you how long the days are here? You might notice we are pretty high in the latitudes which means it gets light here at 4:00 AM and dusk is around 9. I guess its not a lot more daylight than CA, but noticeable especially when your cat thinks 4 am is an appropriate time to start pestering her sleeping master for breakfast.
There are other differences too: The sun rises out of the sea instead of into it, Halibut is Haddock, Mayonnaise is "Hellmann's", Poison Oak is Poison Ivy, Houses are close to the road so you don't have so much driveway to clear of snow, Houses have no eve overhangs because you want all the sun you can get, Some folks have window air conditioners not to cool, but to take the humidity out of the air for the few weeks in summer that are humid. My research also reveals that Mainer men do not pee on the toilet seats of public restrooms! I find toilet seats either in the "up" position, or down and dry. Is this because their friendliness extends to anticipatory courtesy of others? I don't know and I won't be asking those questions until I get to know people better (or just appreciate it and leave it at that).
Some other facts to waste more of your time: Maine has more woodlands than any other "lower 48" state. Maine supplies 80 percent of the nation's lobster at about 65 million pounds annual harvest. It takes a lobster 7 years to reach harvestable size (about 1 pound) and sheds it's shell about a hundred times in that timespan. Lobsters urinate in the face of other lobsters for identification and mating courtship. Because of the economy, whole lobster prices are at an all-time low at $5.50/lb (fewer vacationers and they are eating cheaper food).
Still no job yet, but there seem to be plenty of openings and more all the time. Despite economic gloom-and-doom in the daily newspaper, I've started to relax into a routine of job hunting and submitting applications the first part of the day, then getting some exercise walking or biking and exploring the rest of the day.

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