Saturday, October 18, 2008

Driving Habits

Scraping ice off the windshield this morning I was marveling at how clear and clean the air seemed to be. It truly makes the colors of the fall leaves jump out with brightness. Then I went back to thinking how cold it was. People here are remarking about the cold, but I've been told they just do this at the beginning of the fall bemoaning the anticipation of "really" cold weather. Then when spring comes and it warms up to 40 degrees, they begin remarking how warm it has gotten and wear t-shirts and shorts.
People back into parking spaces here so they don't have to deal with seeing out of foggy/frosty windows upon leaving. They drive with lights on even before the sun has set, I don't know why. They drive slowly and I suppose it is carry-over behavior from driving in snow (the roads are rough too because of winter plowing). I see your temps have cooled and you must be enjoying the fall.
The Maria Muldaur concert was really good. She must be in her 60's, but really "gets with it" on stage. She is mostly singing blues and identifies with the southern music genre.
My job has gotten more interesting with some projects I can call my own and work on independently. My current one is to organize a collection system for ordinary batteries for recycling at all the residence halls. Maine does not recognize batteries as hazardous waste and disposes of them in landfills. Since recycling them actually costs money, I am crafting a plan to fund the project as well. I send out a recycling tip each week and now, by default, I've become the recycling "expert" (Ha!) within the university system. It gives me something more interesting to do to research all the questions I receive.
I hope everyone is doing well and can wait out our economic downturn. I don't expect to be able to sell the house for 10 years or so, so I'm just hunkering down to this lower paying job and tightening my belt.

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