Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Foliage

As I drove to work this morning the rising sun backlit the trees overhanging the lane to make a spectacular display of brightened color. (Take note: If you plan to visit Portland for fall colors in the future, plan to be here middle of October.) I came up over a rise almost to the college and before me was a sea of multi-colored foliage with a white colonial church spire planted right in the middle of the scene. Talk about a postcard! There are plenty of driving routes here that will show all the fall color you can handle and one can stop at an apple farm for hot cider, or a local dairy for Maine-made cheese. People here really get into holidays. Almost everyone has pumpkins, corn stalks, and mums on their porches. Everyone else has ghosts and goblins. The American flag is big here too, but not in the chest-beating "America is #1" kind of way. It's a carryover from the colonies and civil war era. Many have a metal stars on their barns or houses, the origin or meaning of which is still unknown to me, but it must relate to the civil war.
Temps have dropped to near freezing at night, but days are still warm (60's). I can already tell my next car must have heated seats. I had the car winterized this week and they put in antifreeze good to 20 below! I was assured this is just a precaution and it usually won't get much below -10. I will be sure to let you know what that feels like.
I'm feeling more and more comfortable here now that I've got the apt. and more friends. Michael has had several visitors from CA and we often go out weekends at least for dinner. Tomorrow we'll see Maria Mauldar right here in Portland. I am constantly surprised at the quality of entertainment in a town smaller than Visalia (but it's the largest town in Maine).

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