Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Twilight

It has been below freezing since Tuesday. Hot coffee has never tasted so good. The days are sunshiny and bright and very deceiving if you are sitting indoors and looking out. As I write this at 11am it has warmed to 26 degrees. Nightfall comes early and did you know there is virtually no twilight here? We have no mountains for the setting sun to shine on after it goes below the horizon, so it is dark almost immediately after 4 pm. I am wearing the outer clothing I had that was too warm in California, but very soon I will have to buy a heavy winter coat.... just waiting for sales next week.
Ice on your windshield forms differently when it gets into the teens. It is in long strands with some space in between. Most mornings I don't have to scrape, as I can see well enough until the defroster evaporates it. Yes, it just evaporates with no moisture left on the glass (a solid [frozen] substance turning directly into a gas is called sublimation).
Our friends from the bay area have purchased the Victorian I spoke about a few weeks ago. Michael is flying to SF on Dec. 5 to drive back with one of them to take possession. Anybody else interested in moving to this beautiful place? We have apparently started an enclave from California.
There is news of 2 million in budget cuts to the university where 80% of the operating cost is salaries. You may remember I was only hired a couple months ago, so I may be candidate for lay-off. Only time will tell because they sure won't let anybody know in advance.

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