Saturday, November 8, 2008

Train to Boston

Thanks to all for exercising your democratic right to vote and welcome to a new administration. We can't just sit back and think all is done. We are going to have to work to support our new government in the same way we worked to make this happen. Keep up the good work!
Boston was lovely, even saw John Kerry on the street. The train ride seemed long although the fall colors were better the further south we traveled. I just can't get over the beauty of back-lit maples in clear, crisp air! There is plenty to see walking in Boston, but there is also a subway system to get you quickly between sights. We saw parks (Boston Common, for example), the aquarium (not quite as good as Monterey, but different), Beacon Hill, where the affluent live, Fiuenel Hall (sp?) where there is a mile of food stalls in two long buildings which are flanked on both sides with equally long buildings of mall-type stores. It was the tourist spot of New England and we couldn't make ourselves stay but a few minutes. Michael even found a Trader Joe's. Last stop was an Irish pub for a pint. Next time I want to see a show of which there are many like in NY. We returned home after dark, so the train ride was uneventful with a nice comfortable leather seat to relax in. I recommend paying the extra five bucks for the first class coach.
It just occurred to me last night while driving home from a community play that maybe the reason folks drive slowly here is because of the possibility of deer and other wild critters darting out onto the road from the forest on either side of the road. It felt a little eery alone on the road in darkness and foggy mist with woods all around. I guess that's where Stephen King gets his material. I must remember to take my cell phone at all times, and people here have winter survival kits in the trunk. I think it might be a long winter!
Have you been reading about the crash of the lobster industry here? Nobody wants to buy this luxury food item now that the economy is so bad, so the price of live lobsters has come down to the price of sliced bologna. Lobstermen have begun to stop fishing because it's costing more in gas than they get for their catch. I'll have to make a trip to the docks on Sunday to grab a few.
That's all from this side of the country. Same country, but feels very different. Have a wicked good weekend.

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