Saturday, November 22, 2008

Victorian Houses

It's looking a lot like traditional Thanksgiving around here. The trees are still regaling us in "wicked" color, there's a "snap" in the air (we'd call it downright cold), and I even saw a flock of a dozen or so wild turkeys on my way to work this morning. Where's the pilgrims?
There's wildlife here in this sparsely populated state thriving in the woods that I've only seen before in Alaska. Locals say to beware of moose in the road at night. Albert in Alaska says that they stand so tall that their legs come through the windshield and in their panicked attempt to escape flail the car occupants to death with their hooves. What a way to go, huh?
Michael's friends, a gay couple from San Francisco, are looking at a brick Victorian to buy in Portland's west end. They want to move to the east coast because one of them does specialized network consulting overseas and wants to be closer to Europe. The house is a gorgeous 3 story with full basement, bathroom on each floor and wrap-around porch. Asking price is $600K, a great price for the best neighborhood in Maine. If you've got the money, now seems to me like a good time to invest in real estate. Since the housing slump came to Maine later than in CA, I am hoping the market improves in Visalia before here (for my own selfish reasons).
I'm still having difficulty understanding the Boston accent here. I have to ask people on the phone to spell their names because they mostly sound way different than spelled. Even street names, everything. It seems a little like "Fargo" when students are wearing their "McDormund" fur-lined caps with ear flaps. Fashion flies right out the door when it's cold. Who cares what we look like if it means staying warm.

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