Saturday, November 15, 2008

Woopie Pies

Ever had a woopie pie or a pb&j fluffer? Just more food choices of easterners. You'll remember (maybe) that Poutain is a load of fries with cheese curd and duck fat gravy over the top. Something I was sure I would like, but turns out my California palate isn't suited for any of this new stuff. It was not good. A woopie pie is a tasteless cream filling (like in twinkies) sandwiched between 2 tasteless pieces of chocolate cake. Not good either. A pb&j fluffer is simply a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with marshmallow cream. I'm not even going to try that. The ubiquitous macaroni & cheese and baked beans I can eat, but only in moderation. Pizza is very big here too, but not particularly special or different than run-of-the-mill pizza everywhere.
I notice people here walk with a certain conviction, purpose, and yes, even verve. Must be the motivation of the cold, but I can't keep up with most people on the street. Folks bundled up in Mitchelin Man type down jackets are just sailing down the street or crossing in crosswalks, their little feet beating a sticatto rythum. The funny thing is that is seems natural because you realize they have to rush to keep warm.
They say I have to buy special "winter windshield wipers". Apparently they are thicker, harder rubber to handle snow and slush. I have no idea if people are toying with me about all these winter preparation advisements, but I am choosing to err on the safe side. I have 3 windshield scrapers, a snow brush and I will buy a good snow shovel this week. Now I have to gather together a "survival kit" for the car which includes blankets, flashlight, and maybe a little food & water. You have to be careful what you keep water in because it will freeze and burst.
My windshield is leaking big-time (again). I had a leak repaired just before leaving CA, but it's leaking again and this time the whole windshield has to come out for re-sealing. They say it might break in the process, but no matter what, it has to be done. I now wonder how I'm going to dry the soaked headliner. It's too cold to just evaporate.
There. I've gone on again

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