Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baked Goods in the Cold

Not much to report this week. First real snow due tomorrow and I put "winter" wiper blades on the car. They are very thick blades and the whole mechanism is covered in a rubber boot. Now to get a couple bags of sand from Lowes to put in the back between the back wheels for added weight and traction. Life is more complicated (and expensive) here.
Fruit and vegetables are about twice the price and half the quality. On the brighter side there is a whole bakery culture that I've never seen before. Bakerys are everywhere, little mom-and-pop places, that make a whole variety of European style baked goods and breads. Some serve sandwiches and all have coffee & tea to go with the goodies. People are always comparing and proclaiming they know the best one. I have my own neighborhood "Bakers Bench" around the corner and always stop in for a breakfast pastry on Saturday mornings going to work. This morning they didn't have my favorite blueberry muffin, so I got a raspberry puff pastry turnover that was so sweet I had trouble finishing it.