Saturday, January 24, 2009

Helicopter Parents

I'm gaining experience with parents as well as the weather. We temporarily housed a young couple in this residence hall (no longer politically correct to say "dorm") who were burned out of their house at Christmas. One of the two young children caught the apartment on fire with a candle and paper.
Yesterday I had a call from a parent asking why in the world we would allow a family to live on the same floor as her daughter? Her daughter will not get "the full college experience" with them living there. She was sorry that the family was burned out, but thought we should not have let them stay in the hall, even though they are employees of the university and work in the campus police department. I just have no response to that because I might have said things I would regret, and then have to attend an exit interview for my job. Lucky for me I can have the director call this woman. We call these "helicopter parents", the ones who want to "hover" and be in charge of every aspect of their student's college life. They can be annoying.

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  1. Hello-- I found your blog on a search for "helicopter parent" an obsession of mine... I think your story is a first-- though we think of helicopter parents as overprotective, it is kind of ironic that this particular parent doesn't want someone to be cramping the"full college experience" style of their child. Go figure! I can imagine a totally different response where a parent would be relieved that there would be a stabilizing force on the dorm floor. I wouldn't be surprised if other fellow helicopter parents get wind of this, they may call the college to insist that their child have a family living on their floor as well : )
    Tamar Chansky