Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harbingers of Spring

Now that I read a list of things that signal the beginning of spring, little did I know that frost heaves are one! Apparently, nay, definitely I don't know the signs in this part of the country. A string of warm, sunny days and the official arrival of the vernal equinox on Friday has prompted universal declaration of the beginning of spring, although personally, it seems a little premature. There are still mountains of snow at the edges of the roads and parking lots from being pushed there and fields have "Native American snow" (Apache here and Apache there). The definition of a "warm" day is 50 degrees and its barely above freezing at night. Even with the prediction of 42 degree highs and near 25 at night for the next month, and more snow coming next week, it is spring. I thought when spring was declared, plants could be set out in the garden, but here you shouldn't even start seedlings indoors until next month for setting out the first of May!

Street sweeping machines are clearing sand from roadways and kicking up dust clouds. Woodchucks are emerging from their burrows, although I wouldn't recognize one if I saw it. Skunk cabbage is poking up in snowless areas of the woods, and at O'Donal's Nursery, the yellow witch hazel tree is blooming. I pass O'Donal's on the way to work, so I'll stop to see if what they are saying is true. I have seen an increase in squirrel activity and the crows have become very active and noisy apparently building nests. Sap has started running in the maples and here that's a big deal. Tomorrow is "Maine Maple Sunday" when all the maple farms will be open to the public to see how its done. I plan to attend.


  1. Don't become a Sap. LOL Maple, one of my favorite things. Is it as slow as they say? Because I'm getting that way, I think.
    Funny, things have bloomed out here and it is in the 70's and starting to dry out. You know how it is. You are writing about snow and spring coming. Were are talking about hot and summer, and no water. Do you remember?
    I forgot what it was like in Colorado, too.
    Love and Hugz, Sbei

  2. I do indeed remember and that's why I am so taken aback at how different everything is here!