Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Moose Are Loose

California has earthquakes, the south has hurricanes, the Midwest, its tornadoes, and Maine has moose. Maine Department of Transportation is putting out warnings of moose activity on the roadways. April is the beginning of the sightings with June being the peak of moose activity. This dangerous situation comes about when moose gravitate onto roads to lick up salt spread during the winter. There is often fresh, new grass along the shoulders that they also like. As I have mentioned before, a collision between moose and car is often a deadly one because moose stand so tall they come through the windshield either with their full body, or sometimes just flailing legs. We are reminded that moose will not run away from a car on the road and often are difficult to spot in time because of their dark color. Every year there are collisions numbering in the hundreds due to moose in the road. Last year the reported deaths were in the 60's.

This morning coming to work I didn't see any moose, but I did see a big tom turkey in full display out in a field all by himself. Mainers seem ambivalent about wild turkeys and I suppose it's because there are so many around and apparently they aren't worth the effort to kill and eat, but they are fun to see wandering the fields.

The first daffodils are blooming and even though there is still snow in very shaded places, grass is green (it got green the instant the snow melted). Hordes of people were out walking the 3 miles around our "back cove" yesterday when temps reached into the high 60's!

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  1. Hi Daniel, Just to let you know what you're missing, we had spring here last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday the temperature hovered in the low 90s. It may reach 98 today. We're supposed to drop back down into the 70s but, for all intents and purposes, summer has come to sunny California. I envy your Maine spring (Moose and all)! Irene