Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Happens Fast Here

OK, I've been a skeptic about spring actually having arrived in Maine. We do, after all, still have some snow on the ground and snow is in the forecast for next week. In fact the mounded snow pushed from the parking lot at the University is still higher than my car!

The incontrovertible evidence of spring exposes me as a non-Mainer, but then most of my assumptions about weather here have been wrong. I have seen with my own eyes the pushing up of tulips, crocus, flowering forsythia, and flowering yellow witch hazel. When the maple sap quits running, as it has, winter has gone. It is now officially mud season. We're having lots of rain and temps rarely drop below freezing at night. A 50 degree day is surprisingly warm to us and people who have huddled inside against cold and snow are beginning to emerge as human forms instead of amorphous rotund over-stuffed down jackets and insulated show pants.

I've thrown the sand bags, snow shovel, and multiple ice scrapers out of the car, but carefully stowed them away for what experience now tells me will become very useful again all too soon.

Tomorrow I will take my final load of furnishings from the rented garret 5 miles inland to the beautiful, Victorian west end of Portland proper. It will be such a pleasure to be living in town with everything within walking distance and the waterfront so close.

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  1. Daniel, Your writing paints a lovely word-picture of (early) spring in Maine. In my mind's eye, I see the metamorphosis of amorphous rotund over-stuffed down jackets into human forms. And, my goodness, the Snow Crocus are gorgeous. Happy final moving day; you'll be happier there in the midst of everything. Miss you. Irene