Friday, May 1, 2009

My New Recliner - Best Friend/Worst Enemy

I have purchased a new couch and recliner for the new digs in Portland. The couch is nice, but I knew this scenario would happen with the recliner. I prepare dinner and eat in the recliner while watching TV. After eating, I put up the footrest and continue watching TV and in no time at all I fall into unconsciousness. It feels like a floatation device and if I recline the back, I can breath deeper accelerating my fall down the rabbit hole toward dark, floating never-never land.

Last evening while dreaming in my prone position, my dream actually interacted with what was on the TV. The program was talking about climbing Mount McKinley and the narrator was saying how people have died on the climb and my dream replied "Yes, I remember reading how your son discovered the body of Sir Edmond Hillary". When I awoke I realized I must have dreamed it because as I remember Edmond Hillary did not die on the mountain. As a matter of fact Hillary climbed Everest in Nepal, not McKinley in Alaska and died of heart failure in a New Zealand hospital last year.

You may be thinking how interesting that my dreams can talk to the TV, but I hate my mind playing tricks. I want everything neat, clean, and most of all my mind to contain correct historical information! This is what Hell would be like for me. How strange am I that I would do this to myself on purpose?

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