Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shelly Sells Hotdogs Down by the Seashore

I've lost track of Shelly during the cold of the winter. We kept making plans to have dinner, but then kept cancelling because of heavy snow or other personal plans.

The Eastern Promenade is a quarter mile path originating in the Old Port of Portland. The walking/biking paved way follows the shoreline with views of the islands in Casco Bay on the right. On the left is the tourist narrow-gauge railroad so popular with families. Eastern Prom ends at a boat launch, public restrooms, a long sandy beach, and Shelly's Hotdog cart.

I met Michelle last summer on the "prom" where Portland folks go to get intimate with the brisk ocean waters. I was unemployed and could spend the hours between job searching enjoying watching sailboats on Casco Bay and talking to the "hot dog lady". Shelly, an immensely affable personality, teaches special education youngsters during the school year, and sells dogs and lemonade when the weather is nice. Sizzling hotdogs smell like heaven when you are at the beach. Her speciality is vegetarian dogs (she eats no meat), but serves up several traditional choices like Nathan's and Polish Sausages.

I drove by this last weekend to see how the start of the tourist season was progressing to find the hot dog cart inundated with customers so I didn't stop. Besides serving tourists, Shelly enjoys meeting all the locals. Her picnic table overlooking the water with scores of criss-crossing tiny sailboats from the sailing school is a natural gathering spot to learn the most current happenings around town.

Be sure to stop by when you visit Portland, Maine's biggest little city.

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  1. Hi Daniel, Your new blog site looks terrific. It's easier to read than the last one (which I thought was great, too). I always enjoy reading your blogs but the most recent two were especially entertaining. If anyone needed more proof that New Englanders are taciturn, the "Wife Died, Closing at Noon" was a poignant, humorous reminder. I find myself wanting to know more about Shelly who sells hot-dogs down by the sea-shore. Irene