Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babette's Feast Feast

I am beginning to think my blog is overly focused on food, but I can claim it is travel related because the food I am reporting on is available to travelers who come to Portland.

We have a nice little music venue in Portland in Longfellow Square, where an old, bearded bronze man sits atop a tall granite pedestal. I can only suppose it is a likeness of Longfellow since I don't recollect having seen pictures of the man. So at 6:00 pm on Sunday we gathered at One Longfellow Square, but not to hear music.

For this occasion instead of music the bill was a showing of the movie "Babette's Feast". The hall was fitted with white cloth-draped tables, some long, and some small and round and limited to just 50 people. Our little group of 5 (excuse the poor photo) sat at our own table on which we set our purchased bottles of red and white wine anticipating what was to come.

Before the movie, we were to be treated to food inspired by the movie. First course was Blinis Demidof au caviar which is a buckwheat pancake with sour cream and caviar. My photo was blurry, but the flavor was well defined.

Next was the Cailles en Sarcophages avec Sauce Perigourdine which translates as "quails in coffins". It is boned quail in a puff pastry shell with foie gras and truffle sauce. I have eaten a fair share of quail as a youngster growing up in rural California. The men of the family hunted and cleaned them, and our mother cooked them. I thought they were fabulous as a kid, but then, we didn't cook like this.

The salad course was a divergence from the movie version, but we think it was fennel, lightly blanched with glazed walnuts and a dressing described by the chef as mustard, olive oil, and vinegar. I know he's not giving details because this salad had layer after layer of flavor.

Our desert was Savarin au Rhum avec des figues et fruit glacee which is rum spongecake with rum and glaceed fruits. They left out the figues (figs).

Even though each serving was small, with special cuisine like this it's better to finish wanting just a little more.

We were not served the movie's turtle soup made with live turtle. I believe it's against the law to eat them now.

This is one I saw along road Sunday and apparently he knew the law because he was not afraid of the big, bad human.

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  1. nice food photography! And don't worry, food can be categorized at any time as "travel", I've discovered. Everyone seems to love them both and don't really care what category in which you stick them.-- Tammie Dooley