Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nursery Visit

On the 4th of July weekend, I drove up to Michael's for a long weekend. Pictured here is his front yard meadow. He's done a ton of gardening to bring back the gardens from a couple years of neglect.

I took these snaps from inside his living room in the early morning choosing to stay dry in the drizzle.

One of the weekend tasks was to clear this downed tree from a trail on his property. Thanks to my small chainsaw this was quick work.After the work was done we ventured deep into the forest toward the now abandoned beaver pond. All around were trees perfectly chewed in the indisputable hourglass shape that only a beaver can do. Locals say they chew almost through, then wait for a wind to blow them down so they don't get smashed by the falling tree. Smart critters if it's true.

Along the way we came across this abandoned tractor brought in by a nearby property owner who apparently never used it for its intended use... logging? farming? The forest is so thick here that my camera actually flashed.

So then we were off to a local nursery to check out more plants.
Lots of the usual flower plants on offer.......
And some varieties like this blueberry bush that only grow well here.

Here's another example of a dry-stack stone wall I find so attractive. There is no mortar used in building these walls, but if the wall is high it needs a concrete retaining wall behind it to keep the earth from pushing the wall over.

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