Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Walk in My Neighborhood

My neighborhood is a grand mix of old Victorians of various styles. The "West End" as it is called escaped the last fire (there have been three) on July 4th, 1866 when escaped fireworks raised most of the town.

On the left is the condo I live in. It has been broken down into eight 2-bedroom units from what was once a duplex.

The 3-story brick on the right is directly across the street and and has remained a townhouse duplex. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what the original configurations were because builders are pretty good at disguising original features, yet retaining the period appearance.

This stone house is a couple blocks away from me and shows some of the charm of early American construction. Brick, stone, and slate were the building materials of the day.

Granite is used here for building also as you can see by these entrance steps. All the curbs and most foundations are of granite. There is a definite early American feel here as one wanders the brick sidewalks of residential streets lined with linden trees. We have stone yards here where one can buy all sorts of landscaping stone and cut granite. I especially like lightpost pillars of granite and dry-stack stone walls like this one.

Since people don't need such large houses anymore, most have been remodeled into either condos or apartments.

This is the porch and front garden of friends newly arrived from San Francisco, Eric and Fernando. This elegant old Victorian Lady has a beautiful wrap-around porch, three stories, and finished basement where the original kitchen is evidenced by the slate sink, and finished cupboards.

So come to Portland and we'll take a stroll.

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  1. Welcome back, Daniel. What a gorgeous neighborhood; I'm insanely envious. How's your weather? Just got back a few minutes ago from my mom's; difficult trip. I'll send you an e-mail when I've recovered.