Saturday, September 12, 2009

Casco Bay, Portland & Newport, RI

Casco Bay is the large bay that encompasses a long coastline and includes several, well a lot of islands. The port of Portland is part of this larger bay. One sunny Sunday morning recently I paddled along the city's coastline to see what I could see. Here is the rather unsightly hi-rise condo that has killer views over the bay.

One of the 50 or so cruise ships expected this year in port. This tiny one boasts being able to get into small, less touristed moorings.

Old pilings from a long ago burned down pier still stand sentinel beneath the Observatory built in 1807 to view the bay's horizon to hearken the arrival of ships in order to call workers to the docks to unload supplies and operate fish processing plants.

The Cat Ferry, a high-speed catamaran, services Nova Scotia several times a week transporting vehicles and passengers on a 5 hour crossing.

Labor Day in Newport was a pleasant get-away only 3 hours from Portland.

A co-worker asked me along and we stayed with her sister who lives just steps from the water. Small piers make it possible
to get out over the water.
A day at the beach was something I haven't done for a long, long time. The lifeguards were kept busy going after swimmers who ventured out too far. Newport itself was really packed with the last of the tourists of the season, but nevertheless enjoyable to see. When we toured the "mansions" up on the hill, I thought "big houses", but in reality, they really are mansions with grounds as large as parks and gardens to match. There were some very wealthy folks at the turn of the century from New York who found this area to be a suitable summer get away.

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  1. Beautiful, Daniel. I expect the places w/their own piers - however small they may be - are pretty pricey now, too. Nevertheless, both the pics and the narrative are wonderful.