Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Foliage in Maine

Reports say that Southern Maine is at 75%f of color for foliage today. It's gettin real pretty around here and I took these pictures on the way to work this morning and a few more were taken here on the campus of the University of Southern Maine. This example of a Japanese Maple tells it all.

This is what hyderangeas look like when they bloom in spring.

After they've matured a bit they trun this color of pink. I don't know if the sun does it or it's just natural maturation process.

I never saw this kind of hydrangea before, but this one is everywhere around here. They grow BIG!

r><div>Is this Boston Ivy? It makes our school look prestigious, no?

The ducks are over in the other pond, ruining an otherwise good shot at Smiling Farms Dairy.


  1. Is that a full-sized picnic table next to that Hydrangea? I've never seen one grown as a tree and ours here in CA are not very resistant to the cold. Gorgeous. Oh, I've heard it is the mineral content in the soil - or lack thereof - that determines the mature color of the blossoms. I could just sit and stare at that Japanese Maple - wow! Fall has definitely arrived in the West but no color on our trees yet. Time to rev up the firebowl in the Frida Kahlo room.

  2. Are you sure those are hydrangeas? The leaves look more like rhododendrons. And they can get huge. Beautiful, whatever they are.

    Happy Fall! --Sandy

  3. Yep, these are hydrangeas, just a different type than you have. These ones turn pink regardless of the soil, although I have some in a vase that were grown in a shady area and they stayed white. We have your kind too and they do overwinter and color depending on soil mineral content.

  4. Daniel, where's my weekly Maine fix? Are the Sundstroms there for their visit yet? I'm green with envy.