Saturday, November 28, 2009

Raindrops on the noggin

With my new rain gauge (thank you Eric) properly mounted on the back porch railing, documentation of Portland's annual 46 inches of precipitation will be easy. That's a full 9 inches more than Seattle! For you statisticians out there, our driest month is Aug. with 3 inches and our wettest month is, whoa, November with 4.75 inches which, by the way, has exceeded our monthly allotment already with a whopping 7.84". I love the rain here because central CA had so little (12 inches/year). It feels so life-giving, fresh and clean in addition to giving reasonable excuse to remain indoors and cook, read, and watch movies. Although Mainers just go about their business in the rain, mostly without hats and sometimes even without a raincoat, I prefer to hole-up, admiring our abundance while warm and dry.
I emptied 1.25 inches from the rain gauge last night and this morning on my way out of the house to work I took this snap and you can (maybe) see there is another three quarters in the center column. the center column records 1 full inch, then overflows into the larger cylinder to be measured after emptying the small column.
For snow measurement, the top funnel and center column are removed and the snow gathered in the large cylinder is melted and measured.

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  1. We had enough rain here to make water spots on the outdoor furniture. Oh, well, the other side of that was the 70 degree Thanksgiving day so some of our thirty+ dinner guests moved to the deck. As you know, our family is large, boistrous and chaotic but most of 'em are fun, too. Good to hear you had a nice day with friends (friends are family you've chosen).