Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still Fall in Maine

It was 28 degrees this morning. We've already had the first snow, and it is still technically called "fall", and will be called so until the end of December. I, apparently, am the only one taking exception to the conventional nomenclature. I feel like northern New England ought to be an exception, but then, I am reminded that by being "from away" have no authority to challenge anything in Maine. I've also been reminded that I will never be a Mainer, so just stop with the judgements.

OK, so call it whatever you want, but you can't get around the readout of the thermometer and the visual presence of the white stuff.

The car has its "winter" wiper blades, undiluted coolant, 5/30 weight oil, and 150 pounds of sand over the rear wheels, but its still fall in Maine.


  1. So ... still living where you only have two seasons. The difference is, you're not hoping the temperature doesn't top 100 in the spring before summer arrives.Ah, it's always something! I'm sure you prefer your two seasons but I'll take mine; I've been whining because the daytime temperature has dipped to 60.

  2. We actually have 5 seasons (mud season unto itself), but the other 3 seasons only last 2 weeks.