Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Ice Fishing Time Again

Some ponds (lakes to the rest of us) are frozen enough to support ice-fishing shacks. Surprisingly, just a couple inches of ice supports not only intrepid walkers like me, but these heavy "ice-drinking" wikkiups.

If you don't have an ice shack to keep you "warm" (these don't have smoke stacks, so no stove), there is still good news for the outside fisherman.

No longer must you sit next to an ice hole holding a pole! You set your hook and the trigger of the automatic fishing device. When you get a big one (or a bite) the flag springs up to alert a catch.

When you catch "trash fish", they are just tossed out onto the ice near the hole for the bald eagles to swoop on. They are not released because they endanger the viability of the "good eatin" fish. Anybody know what kind of ugly fish this is?

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