Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snowshoeing... One Foot in Front of the Other

New experience, this shoe shoeing.
It's a good way to get out in the wilderness when the snows try to keep you close to home.

The snow was only a foot or so deep and we planned out a walk to Boody Pond (again, a lake to most of us). The trail was up and down and virgin snow for only part of the mile-or-two walk. Jim looks back to see what's taking me or perhaps he's concerned I've taken a face-plant and can't get up?

Did you know there are cramp-on like teeth under snowshoes? That allows you to climb a fairly steep incline without sliding back and is better footing if ice is hiding below the snow.

I found it harder to walk in fresh snow than on tramped-down snow because you must lift your legs higher and not "drag your tips" when bringing your back leg forward. I'll just let someone else lead, thank you very much.

Michael adjusts while Jim and Iris look on. Christopher beckons us onward.
On the way back, Michael has taken his snowshoes off to walk in a snowmobile track.

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