Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skating in the Wild

I have to admit that this snowy scene is no longer how it looks on Flying Pond.... or anywhere else here in Maine. This intrepid foray onto the ice happened in January. Yes, you can just pick a pond (lakes, really) and strap on your blades for an outdoor mazurka or if you're feeling really frisky a little tarantella. I tried the latter, but my legs flew up and my head went directly to the ice with what Jim described as rather loud. I swear I could hear the birds twittering to each other, "What does that man-of-a-certain-age think he's doing"?

As you can see, the beavers have been at work here providing passers by a nice place to park their butt. You can also see their lodge in the background.

We've been experiencing very abnormal warm temps for the last couple months and folks have just refused to believe the ice was melting. Almost daily came reports of snowmobiles falling through the ice. When that happens, a person has literally a couple minutes to get themselves out before hypothermia makes it impossible to move. As one tries to pull themselves up on the ice, more ice breaks off and the struggle often ends in drowning.