Friday, April 2, 2010

Record Smashing Weather in Maine

I love weather. Apparently I've come to the right place. This week ended the month with record breaking rainfall and here is the Presumpscot River picture to prove it. Even though you don't know what this river normally looks like, let me assure you this is a lot of water for this crick.

The mill building in the picture was built in 1867 and has recently been converted to shops and condos.

The month has ended with over eleven inches of rain and we weren't even the hardest hit state. Rhode Island had more.

One storm this month was particularly windy and trees were just snapped apart like mere twigs. Massive power outages existed for thousands and the university was even shut down for a day. I still worked, because the electrically operated door to our office wouldn't lock. Somebody needed to look after protecting our domain.

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  1. 11 inches in one month? That's like a 3-year average for us, I think. We've had a bit of weather the past couple of days, too. Wind bending the trees, a bit of rain...a good ole ground-shaking south of us.Just got back from a short stay in Shaver where it snowed. Beautiful (from inside).