Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monhegan Island, Maine

I recently spent a day on the artist colony island of Monhegan with several friends.  Three of us arrived at the ferry dock very early after getting up at 4:30 am to show our west coast friends what the sun looks like rising over the Atlantic.  I have to say it is more colorful than rising over land in the west, but the sun going down over the Pacific is equally dramatic.

After arriving at the ferry dock and waiting for two more friends we debated as time grew short if we should disembark to meet our friends and miss the boat or to stay on board and let them fend for themselves until we returned in the late afternoon.  I will demur revealing our decision on the grounds of preserving friendships.  They arrived, running, just minutes before the casting off of the lines, so we did not have to act on our decision.

The boat ride was just an hour long arriving at the only dock on the island.  As we walked up the incline toward the main road where we would decide our hiking direction we encountered several industrious residents selling various crafts such as plastic rope made into door mats and nautical knotting, a young woman playing her violin with the case at her feet for the purpose of tossing coins and bills into.  The first sight of these attempts to sell items of limited interest made me wonder what we had stumbled onto, but things got better as we moved along.

After checking out the eating options available we struck out on a hike around the island to see the cliffs on the far side with the ultimate destination of the high spot where there stands a stone lighthouse.

It was a good day of fresh air, exercise, and beautiful vistas.  There are several galleries selling art by island residents that were difficult to resist.  I recommend a visit if you have time while visiting Maine

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  1. Welcome back to blogging. I really enjoy reading these tid-bits and am always left wanting more.