Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tornado In Maine

Last night was a weather phenomenon like I've never seen before. Within a mere 45 minutes my rain gauge measured nearly an inch. Because I am fascinated with weather and the intense lightning was cloud-to-cloud instead of ground strikes, I went out to check the gutters. The intensity of rain was such that it penetrated my umbrella and so loud on my umbrella and all around me that no other sound could be heard.

The radio had so many severe weather warnings that I missed the tornado warning for the town in which I work. Today it was confirmed that 3 tornadoes did actually touch down and ran for nearly 5 miles through the woods knocking out power and snapping trees like twigs.

After work today, I went out with a fellow weather lover to survey damage near enough to roads that we could get a peak. Most damage was done in the forest and between houses.


  1. The tornado is interesting, but you buried the lead, as they say. In one of the photos, of an upturned tree-root, there is a tiny man standing next to the root. You captured a photo of a wood elf or similar!

  2. I only discovered the elf after downloading my pictures. He was not there when I took the snap.