Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inverness, Scotland

Traveling by train from Edinburgh to Inverness way up to the top of Scotland, we passed through the highlands and mountains that separate the north from the south.  Train travel is a good way to see the countryside while sipping wine and cheese or indulging in something more substantial. We brought along lots of goodies purchased in the Marks and Spenser food store in the Edinburgh station.  I love M&S.

The River Ness flows from Loch Ness through the town of Inverness making a really nice walking possibility on both sides of the river.  After several hours of train ride strolling along the peaceful paths was a welcome activity.  Along the paths we came upon park-like settings with carved wooden benches or perhaps stone wall seats.

With only a day to enjoy Inverness... our walk along both sides of the river lasted until dinnertime where I had fresh Scottish salmon with lemon and dill...ummm good.  If you go, Inverness deserves more than an afternoon.

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