Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Votes to Make Whoopie Pie State "Treat"

AUGUSTA — The Maine House approved  the whoopie pie as the state "treat" today while giving a nod to the state's blueberry industry by making the blueberry pie the state's official "dessert."

The measure was approved 107-34 but required a second reading before going to the Senate for consideration.

If you've been following Maine politics lately, this is a welcome reprieve from reporting guffaws by our newly elected Governor.  Unfortunately, taxpayers are paying politicians to spend time deciding about state treats and desserts.

In a game of one-upmanship in the whoopie pie debate, a Maine radio station is teaming up with a whoopie pie maker to create a 500-pound-plus version of the chocolate cakes stuffed with creamy frosting with the sole aim of outdoing Pennsylvania's 250-pound confection.

Sorry, folks.  I won't be going to the mall on Saturday to cover this event.

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