Saturday, March 12, 2011

Potholes on Mine Roads

Massive pothole leads to accidents on I-95

One vehicle flips, two collide, five are damaged and traffic backs up for three miles near Augusta.

Several vehicles were damaged but no one was seriously hurt Friday in a multi-vehicle accident caused by a 15-foot-long pothole in a southbound lane of Interstate 95.  One person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. At least five vehicles were damaged. Two other SUVs collided, and the pothole caused flat tires and damage on at least two other vehicles.

Along with the glee we in Maine exhibit when the winter snows start to melt come other problems..... potholes and the "mud season".  While cold winter snow and ice keep our roads intact, but still not smooth, the minute the ice melts we get potholes.  They start with just a crumble or two of asphalt coming loose from the roadway.  Because of frequent resurfacing, it seems the new top layer doesn't stick to the original roadbed, so that once it starts to deteriorate, the process happens very fast. When roads are not resurfaced, the potholes are simply filled which also doesn't stick to the underlayment and often crumbles apart during the summer.

I have been avoiding these potholes going to and from work for several weeks and it becomes second nature to either hug the centerline or drift over to the right where I know by heart the bad spots are.  It's an expensive and dangerous problem.  This year when I had my mandatory yearly vehicle inspection, I had to replace a ball joint in the front steering.  We just chalk it up to another inconvenience in payment for the grandest summers in the land.

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  1. Daniel, I just realized I haven't commented on your blog in months. I read it, thought, and love both the content and your writing style. Keep 'em coming. P. S. You looked great as a Croatian Lass as you do a Lobstah (was it in Split you and Gary did that?).