Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheap Eats in Portland Number 1

Here's the question: Does a cafeteria qualify as belonging in the category of  "Cheap Eats in Portland"?  I say it does for a couple reasons. First, cafeterias are often cheap and provide decent but not gourmet food and second, this is my blog and.......

My first entry is the cafeteria at Maine Medical Center, which you may now be saying to yourself eeuw, that's creepy.  But why is the idea of eating at a hospital cafeteria any more creepy than any other cafeteria?  Perhaps there are sick people upstairs, but the hospital "cafe" is for the visitors, not the patients.  You won't be sitting next to someone with oosing sores or coughing tuberculosis spores into the mashed potatoes.

Anyway, my plate of orange chicken with fried rice and a salad-by-weight only cost $7.  Beat that!

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