Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sounds of Summer

Now that the weather has warmed enough to keep my bedroom window open, I once again enjoy the early morning sounds of a city that travels.

The first thing I hear, since I am an early riser, is the Amtrak Downeaster's horn when pulling out of the Portland Station at 5:45 AM heading for Boston.  It is a convenient way to get to Boston if you don't need or want to drive.  With five departures daily you can easily do a round trip in a day.

Shortly after the train leaves, the Casco Bay Ferry boat departs the ferry terminal going to Peaks Island. It is a distinctive whistle blow of longs and shorts that only mariners would know as "departing".  Lots of folks live on Peaks and the other 5 islands the ferry services, so there is always activity at the ferry dock. Islanders come to Portland to work, play, and buy groceries which the stores deliver directly to the dock.  The ferry takes cars and passengers and has a special "deflector" on its hull that pushes all the lobster trap buoys out of the way as it runs right over them!

Finally at 6:00 AM the first plane rushes off from Portland Jetport to far off places.  Since the Jetport is actually in the city no flights are allowed until 6:00, so hearing the first jet of the morning is a gentle alarm that is always spot on time.

I love the sounds of travel because they remind me that one day soon I'll be hearing them while actually in the plane, train, or ferry going my own way.

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