Monday, August 22, 2011

Croquet on the Prom

The lazy days of summer found me on the Western Promenade with friends recently playing the Victorian game of croquet on a long stretch of lawn in front of a row of Victorian houses.  The Western Prom is a neighborhood park along a precipice overlooking the Fore River Estuary and the Portland airport and off toward the west.

We played several games and walkers along the sidewalk stopped to watch and comment.  It is a nice way to be out on a summer day in the neighborhood.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last of the Blueberries

I was fortunate to arrive at the blueberry stand to find today will be the last day of sales.  Not realizing the season was ending, I've put off buying my years supply to freeze for many weeks.  It is actually someone's garage posing as a road-side stand where a huge walk-in refrigerator keeps the boxes of picked blueberries fresh.  Hey, its Maine and we specialize in blueberries.  How can you go wrong at $2.25 per pound?

It is somewhat of a task to pick out the stems and leaves, but easy enough if you spread them out on a baking sheet a little at a time and rake through with your fingers.  No need to freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet so they won't stick together.  If they are relatively dry, just bag them in gallon zip-lock freezer bags and freeze.

I bought 20 pounds this year and have two gallons in the freezer, made a pie and six baby pies, and still have about 4 more pounds to clean and freeze.  I want to publicly thank whomever invented self-cleaning ovens.

Don't let anyone tell you pie is not good for breakfast!