Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheeky Squirrel Attack

My next door neighbor Seth was yelling "Daniel, Daniel, come look".  "There's a squirrel in your car!"  It was Sunday morning and I had parked the car on Friday after work with the back windows cracked maybe 2 inches as I often do to let the heat out.  Indeed there "he" was gnawing and scratching at the window trying to get out.  Looking at the damage done, I would guess he was locked in there since Friday evening.  Besides the damage seen here in the pictures of the arm rest and headliner, there are gnaw marks on each of the defroster vents and hard plastic areas around the windshield.  I do not have a picture of the beast since when I opened the doors he was just a grey streak and anyway, you know what a grey squirrel looks like.

He pulled tissues out of the holder and tore them into little squares. He read a magazine in the back seat, then shredded it into long strips.  He opened my coin tray but decided that quarters would be too heavy to deal with.  Like rats, squirrels poop anywhere (and they look like rat poops) and pee with abandon.  I had to vacuum the car and wipe down the peed-on areas to quell the rat cage smell.

Today I've disassembled the door panel to see if I can have an upholster shop repair the arm rest.  The head liner I've just tucked back into itself... good enough.

Moral:  Keep your windows up if squirrels live in your neighborhood.

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