Monday, January 16, 2012

Kinda Cold in Maine

Though we've had a mild start to winter here in Maine, the cold temps have finally caught up with us.  For the last few mornings I have awakened to 2 degree temps and that's after sunrise.  I'm staying in bed longer with a comforter and electric blanket.... I know some of you are telling me that an electric blanket can mess up my electromagnetic body chemistry, but at least it is warm chemistry!

My solution to this cold weather (and as reward for going through hip replacement surgery) is simply to board an airplane this afternoon bound for Thailand.  My reasoning is that since I need to walk and exercise the new hip a warmer climate would make that much easier.  Walking on these icy sidewalks is very difficult!
So, in a few weeks I should have more blogs of interest after not posting for awhile.  Stay tuned....

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