Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thailand, Arrival in Bangkok

Thailand is exactly halfway around the word.  In other words it's as far away as you can get without actually starting back home round the other side of the globe.  However one looks at it the flights are gruelingly long.... especially in coach class. I have to say that the return trip was much worse then the outbound which I suppose is in some way related to a worse attitude.  Total transit time on the return was about 30 hours, spending 23 hours in 4 different planes.  Of course I have a cold from spending so many hours in "cabin air".

What I have learned about choosing airline seats from this experience is that I will never again choose the right side window seat which are usually designated as "J" or "K".  I like a window seat because of that extra little space near the window.  I chose "A" seats (left side window) on the outbound flights and "J" seats (right side window) on the return.

Turns out that the airline switched equipment at some point for a larger jet and my "J" seat became a middle seat... the worst seat on the plane in my opinion.  Two big guys on either side of me had no alternative than take up both arm rests.  Their shoulders were actually directly over the arm rests.  From this day forward I will always choose "A" seats on long-hauls.

Bangkok is a huge and bustling city and trying to use taxis to get around, although very inexpensive, get gridlocked and you end up spending hours in traffic.  Exploring different modes of transportation will serve to save time getting around.  Buses, Longtail boats, canal boats, river boats, and moto (motorcycle) taxis are all viable quick vehicles for hopping from place to place.

These city photos were taken from the 78th floor of the tallest building in the city.  The view was as congested in all four directions.


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