Thursday, November 8, 2012

Retirement Abroad

The question a lot of people are asking themselves is "when will I be able to retire".  I've been pondering this question for many years thinking I would never be able to retire on what I've saved and with a relatively small Social Security income.  What I have also realized for many years is that there are always "options" for most situations. 

It is with this in mind for the past ten years or so I have been exploring retirement options outside the United States.  If I was ever going to be able to afford retirement, it would  be in a country that is not as expensive as the U.S. 

Traveling to the U.K., Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and a few other European countries I could see that anywhere in Europe is out of the question for economic living.  The countries on my list would have to be "developing" countries with a lower standard of living than the U.S. or Europe.  Looking at Mexico, Central/South America was getting more promising and I have a head start with the Spanish language after traveling these areas for many years.

Until last year, my vagabonding was still turning up places that were definitely cheaper to live, but not as inexpensive as I had hoped.

By crunching my financial numbers I knew what I'd have for a retirement nest egg and it would be questionable living on a forced budget in the Spanish speaking countries.

On a whim last year I traveled to Thailand as a treat to myself after getting a hip replacement.  The plan was to enjoy a warm place in winter where I could exercise the new hip, get cheap massages, and generally take it easy.  What I found was a whole new inexpensive living experience, one that I am sure I can handle financially.

... to be continued

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