Monday, January 21, 2013

My Thai Market

I found my local market quite by accident while bike riding around the neighborhood the other day.  Its a large covered area open on all sides for easy access.  In a more-or-less sectioned fashion one can find fruits, vegetables, fish, sweets, and anything else needed for the kitchen.  Meat is further sectioned by a glassed-in area meant, I suppose, to keep cooler than the rest of the market.  Besides produce one can buy ready-cooked rotisserie chickens, and other cooked meats, fish balls, sausages of all types (the Thais love their weenies), but one thing I found missing in this market was the fried insects that are featured in other markets, but maybe I just haven't run across them yet.
You will notice that eggs are not refrigerated here and the sun was actually shining on this stack.  My guess is that they are so fresh and sold so quickly that micro organisms don't have time to take hold.  Food safety experts would not take kindly to the handling of unrefrigerated meat or other food practices here.  Perhaps America is a little overzealous in food safety laws.  I sometimes get soup or ready-made meals from steam tables that is only luke warm, a highly inappropriate practice in the U.S.
The young woman in the picture above (provided the pictures come through with his posting) was filming a travel segment about the market and the adjacent food stall building while I was shopping.  She was giving commentary in English, but I was unable to find out for whom her audience was intended.
Yep, things are different here and I think its best to relax a little about preconceived ideas and "do as the Thais do"

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  1. we didn't refrigerate eggs on our egg farm either. kept them at room temperature in the "egg house."

    the cookies next to the cookbooks look like ones we have here at a local cafe. they are not icky sweet and i was told they're italian.