Saturday, January 19, 2013

New to Thailand

Let me start with "phew". It's been a stressful week arriving in Bangkok, trying to get over jet lag (that I'm still struggling with a little more than a week later), wrestling two suitcases and a carry-on (125 lbs.) on and off the overnight train to Chiang Mai, then getting my new apartment set up for living...yes, Phew.

When you consider "starting a new life", do you think of things like needing drinking water delivered, or getting a stove top to cook on? How about trying to buy products that only have Thai writing on the packaging? I got laundry detergent only because it has a picture of a washing machine on the label. Not so lucky with shampoo... which I picked because it was a familiar brand "for damaged hair repair". My hair may not be damaged, but that must be better than "for dry, oily, or thick hair", right? Turned out to be conditioner.

I think most of the necessities of living are done for now. I have a new bank account, but in order to wire funds from my U.S. credit union, the documents must be notarized. Who knew that: 1. The bank never heard the term "notary", and 2. Only a lawyer can notarize in Thailand.... at $30 to $50 per page!

I've been exploring my neighborhood little-by-little as my energy level lasts. What I've found is that I really prefer to do as much as possible in my own neighborhood so I don't have to travel far in this rather large city. I've rented a motorcycle, but it's pretty taxing getting from one side of town to the other. Traffic is heavy and if there are such thing as road rules nobody cares about them... motorcycles are especially vulnerable on these roads.

There is trouble uploading photos to the blog and the process is supposed to be loading as I continue to write, but I may have to post this without photos until I can learn how to do it here. It seems some things on my computer have changed now that it resides in Thailand. I'm also getting warning signs that there is trouble saving or publishing this blog entry, so it may not actually get posted... we'll see.

Perhaps I won't write more now since the photos aren't working and there's no guarantee this will post at all. More to follow as I figure it out.

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