Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Wat Across the Street

Just across the street from my apartment is an old (1453) monastery called Wat Ched Yod.  I drove onto the extensive grounds today to have a look-see.  As I wandered around there were people "making merit" by doing several things for prayer.
One way is kneeling before an ornate golden Buddha alter with joss sticks in between palms pressed together and silently giving prayer.

Another way is by writing a prayer or a wish on a white stick that is propped up against the bodi tree (also planted in 1453) on the grounds.  One purchases the stick and writes the message or prayer on it.
With hundreds of propped sticks under the bodi tree, I wondered how often they get repainted and resold.

Another method of making merit with the Buddha that I saw was to make a donation to buy a brick and write your prayer or wish on it to be used somewhere on the grounds presumably to build a wall or other structure.

For more information about Wat Ched Yod see:

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