Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Trip to Costco (Almost)

I've showed you pictures of my local open-air market where everything is laid out under a very large roof, but open on all sides.

This morning my outing was to the Big C Extra which is a large Costco style store with hardware, clothing, bedding, electronics, and groceries.  Everything is this store is packaged including the vegetables.

My list was short, but trying to read the labels and figure out what things were took considerable time.

Toilet paper and fruit was easy.  Canned and packaged food was the problem, although some items had enough English somewhere on the label that mostly identified what was inside.  "Tuna sandwich in brine" might be chunk tuna in salt water, but maybe it's already mixed with ingredients for a tuna sandwich.  Mayonnaise could have sugar added as so many things in Thailand do.  Cornichons "vom feld auf den tisch" are German pickles I know, but sweet or dill?  Sometimes pictures on the jar can tell most of the story.  Orange slices on the label and orange jelly in the jar must be marmalade.

Sauces are a whole different matter.  Thais use so many different liquid flavorings that one can't be sure if it is fish sauce, vinegar, something hot, or just soy sauce.

When it comes to grocery shopping for me at this stage in my new-found country, I'll keep it as simple as possible.

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