Sunday, February 3, 2013

Any Excuse for a Parade

Yesterday was the culmination of the annual "flower festival" which has been going on for a week or so.  Each evening there is an array of food booths and a stage with Thai dancing and entertainment at the most popular city gate.  Yesterday was even more special however, with a parade of bands, various Thai groups, and of course many floats, all made with fresh flowers.

These floats are very similar to the Rose Parade floats in Pasadena that they are almost entirely decorated with flowers, leaves, and sometimes seeds and grass.  Although much smaller than the Rose Parade floats, the effect is the same of fantasy and wonder.

Since I couldn't read the Thai writing on them, I have no idea what organizations were represented.

The parade ended at a city park on the other side of the moated city center with a very impressive street fair devoted to plants and all kinds of botanical paraphernalia.  Some of the most showy blossoms were the huge variety of orchids in every color imaginable.  All the plants were potted and for sale at very reasonable prices.  For instance one bright yellow orchid with several blossoms in a 3" pot and about 2' tall was $3.

A new friend from New Zealand and I walked to the park and wandered the flower isles for an hour or so before stopping to get a cold drink and relax a little.  The afternoon temps here seem to be climbing a little to almost 90 F., so we took a red bus back to our starting point.

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