Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Harvesting Melodies Music Festival

Went to an all day traditional music festival last week.  It was hosted by, and a benefit for, a non-profit farm dedicated to "food forest", which is essentially growing what grows best for the area and climate and helping to teach area farmers how to grow crops more efficiently.  After a somewhat difficult navigation of the posted map and directions, I did manage to find the small farm about 45 minutes out of town.  The "White Buddha" was a turnoff landmark.

The crowd was thin early in the day, but increased to about a hundred folks by mid-afternoon.  There were lots of hipsters/backpackers, and relatively few older folks.  Staff at the farm seemed to be 20 somethings and one older guy that were very intent on their focus of experimental farming and permaculture.

I have several videos I wanted to include with this post, but they will not load, so I'll just get on with it without them.  The music was all different, some traditional Thai, a vocal group that sings world music (mostly Bulgarian), Lanna dancing, an Italian guitarist, and Burmese orphanage dancing.
This is a tired dancer waiting for her turn on stage with her partner in Karen hill tribe costume.

This "spirit house" was a chance encounter along the way to the farm.  It apparently has something to do with funerals because the same workshop was making ornate wooden caskets.

Below is a couple enjoying the music.

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